Hartsfield SSAS

Hartsfield SSAS

“Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.” Benjamin Franklin

The Hartsfield Small Self-Administered Scheme – SSAS

A Small Self-Administered Scheme – or SSAS – may not be the catchiest of titles, but our investment-regulated pension scheme is ideally suited to owners or managers of small to medium sized businesses who want their pension to work for them and their business.

And a SSAS is no new kid on the block, they’ve actually been around since the Seventies, are registered with HM Revenue & Customs for tax purposes and regulated by The Pensions Regulator.

Hartsfield Small Self-Administered Scheme (“SSAS”) – how it works

Your company (or group of associated companies), along with our trustee company (White Horse Trustees Ltd) set up a pension scheme and become joint administrators. The SSAS will then be registered with HM Revenue & Customs and you can invite up to 11 key members of your staff and, in certain circumstances, family members to join.

All members of the scheme will also be trustees and will make joint decisions on where to invest the pension will need to be made.

What are the options

As with all pension schemes, the Hartsfield SSAS will provide you with a number of choices in retirement. You will have the option of a tax free lump sum and then various options for drawing an income in retirement – so far, so good.

But what makes a SSAS different is the other benefits it can bring you – pension freedoms in the form of tax planning; choice over where assets are invested – for example, you could buy the premises you trade from); and the option of a loan back into your business (at a commercial rate and subject to restrictions).

And why choose the Hartsfield SSAS? Because we’ve taken time to create the very best product, to offer you maximum flexibility and maximum control at a competitive rate. And, as a business owner or manager, having a SSAS is a wise choice to make.

If you would like to talk the Hartsfield Small Self-Administered Scheme (“SSAS”), please get in touch with the team.